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what's the next story
to be told?

Anticipation of themes / subjects /

context mapping

Brand Content

target study

Brand positioning

Campaign pre and post test

communication assessment

Content Evaluation

Real stories that inspire fiction

How did this story
unfolds for the brand and
for fiction?


content curation  internal

Branding Workshops and Workshops

business strategies

brand architecture

Innovation pipeline

How does this story win
business form?



In the field we find common points in the most diverse voices. movements
embryos - which will soon hatch - are described by many people,
with different words, when talking about their routines, habits, anxieties and dreams.
With the wealth of this material in hand, we go after academic thinkers
that help us to ground what we observe and feel. to understand them in
a similar context, and from this understanding, we trace the possible
next steps of these movements.

It is not an academic curatorship, but a foundation of the
field and the portrait of the now. It is not a matter of tracing trends, but of
anticipate the next events of the socio-economic and cultural conjuncture


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